Valentine’s Day SMS For Your Girlfriend – 2013 Valentine’s Day Messages

We collected the best 25
Valentine’s Day sayings we could find
Feel free to share them or use
them in any way to spread the love

Love is a promise
love is a souvenir
once given never forgotten
never let it disappear
**John Lennon**

Life’s greatest happiness is
2 b convinced we are loved
**Victor Hugo**

    Happy Valentines Wishes
Love Doubled The Tastes Of Life And Make Life Colorful
With Love Life Becomes More Pleasurable And Less Tense
When We Stay Calm. We Achieve Better Results, Focus
Better With A Calmer Mindset And Have A More Relaxed
Perspective And Sense Of Humor.

Valentine's Day SMS 2013

Valentine’s Day SMS 2013

    Valentine’s Day Greetings Messages
Love & Hate Are Walk Parallel Ha,
Love Always Spread Light
Hate Is The Sign Of Darkness
To Live Is To Breathe
To Breathe Is To Love & Hate
And Best To Choose Love.

English Valentines Day Greetings
You Gave New Ways Of Life To Live

If You Weren’t Here I’d Have To
Be The Hottest Person In This Place.

Loving is not just
looking at each other
it’s looking in the same direction
**Antoine DE Saint_Exupery** ( Happy Valentine’s Day 2013)

Every time you are at my sight ,
you look a little more bright .
sometimes the moon shies ,
and hides somewhere in the sky .
but what is there 2 do ?
i can hardly breath when you are in front of me .
not a day go by ,
that i have not thought of you
Happy Valentine day 2013 my Sweet Angel